I am a self taught artist and have a love of creating. I live with my wonderful husband, step son, two doggies, five chickens and many, many fish in Cheshire.

The beautiful countryside and nearby coastline offers endless inspiration, I regularly use the doggies as my excuse to visit as many places as possible, but those that know me will know my favourite place is in front of the wood burning stove, under my fluffy blanket and with a puppy either side. The ever supportive husband designed a tilting and height adjustable work table that means I can be in my favourite place and still draw or create. Bliss!

I am so excited to launch this website so it can act as a platform for others to enjoy my work from wherever you are.

How long with a portrait take?
I aim to complete portraits as quickly as possible but not at the expense of it quality. In short, I aim for a 2-4 week turn around (add time for delivery). I will maintain regular email contact so you can see how your portrait is developing and when it is shipped.

How do I place an order?
Add the desired portrait to your cart and pay. Then ensure you email your photo. I will get in contact ASAP to confirm your needs and if there is a specific deadline pending (like a birthday etc).

What makes a good quality photo?
The best photos are shot at a similar eye level to the pet, isn't blurry or too dark. If you are unsure then email (annmarie1gray@gmail.com) the photo before purchasing.

What if I purchase a portrait but the photo is too poor in quality?
I will let you know if the photo is too poor in quality and we can discuss it by email. Sometimes it's possible to fill in the blanks and still complete a portrait but I will be honest about it before starting and send updates as the portrait is being completed.

Can I add another animal or pet to my portrait?
In short, yes! Just get in touch, depending on the size and quantity of subjects I can adjust the cost accordingly.

How are the drawings or paintings packaged?
To ensure safe delivery and preservation of my hard work and your beautiful drawing the utmost care is taken with your package. Drawings and paintings on paper or card will be backed by firm cardboard on both sides, bubble wrap protected and taped. Placed into a padded envelope and sent by recorded delivery to you.